Soul reading

Soul reading with counselling

Spiritual healing and counselling on how to connect with your soul and access the divine wisdom that is within you. Your soul knows the truth. I’m here to help and counsel you in seeing your own map of your soul – not telling you what you need to do, but showing you what you already know inside of you to do, and guiding you with ways to make it easier to access that information and move forward into action.

Everything you need to know about life is already inside of you, waiting for you to access it. My gift is the ability to help you access the map of your soul so you can find your way through this life experience. There is great love here for you and the universe is here to support your everlastingness. There is nothing to fear, life is eternal.

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To schedule a session, please contact us here.

The Transition Sanctuary is located in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT -8 hours).

For those who are unable to visit the Transition Sanctuary, Rev. Lawrence Katz now offers sessions via Skype, Zoom and phone.

Donation: $200 minimum (donate in alignment with what you receive) for a 1-hour session.

You can send a donation (USD) for a session via PayPal below.

Soul reading Reverend Katz
Soul reading Reverend Katz
Soul reading Reverend Katz