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Kathryn Grace has been a passionate student of metaphysics for most of her life. Her quest for the truth and purpose of life led her on an extraordinary path full of adventure, constant change and challenging initiations. On her journey, Kathryn immersed herself in many spiritual teachings of our world – discovering different cultural perspectives, meditation techniques and healing modalities. As a single parent, she raised two children and now has three grandchildren. She has had various careers, traveled throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, Europe, South America, South Pacific and Indonesia. Kathryn participated in sacred journeys to France, Ecuador, Bali, Yucatan, Hawaii, Joshua Tree, Sedona and Shasta, where ceremonies for our Earth accelerated our transformation into a planet of peace and harmony for all.

Following her entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Aura Shop in 1999 – a full service metaphysical retail store in Santa Monica where she gave thousands of life-transforming aura/chakra readings while providing clients with the highest quality products available. For a year and a half, Kathryn relocated to Vancouver Island to help her family to care for her mother. This was the greatest initiation of her life and where she became an Advanced Certified Theta Healer. It became the platform for consummate personal transformation, hence the re-definition of herself as a powerful facilitator of self-healing for others.

Over 90% of our total human consciousness is based in the unconscious mind. ThetaHealing is a technique that allows us to look at what patterns and beliefs are programmed in our unconscious mind and, therefore, ruling our conscious mind and dictating decisions, choices and how we view ourselves and our world. By choosing to release old disempowering programs and fears to replace them with empowering true beliefs of who we are, we enable ourselves to begin to live lives of acceptance, happiness and abundance. ThetaHealing is a technique that enables the practitioner to connect to Creator of All That Is consciousness to witness the old beliefs being transformed into positive, powerful ones.

By combining mind and heart, Kathryn’s unique gifts and experiences enable her to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and trauma in the unconscious mind. She is devoted to the path of Love and Union and illuminates this in her daily life. Kathryn Grace is honored to join the Transition Foundation Sanctuary team of be-ings dedicated to creating the lives we all came here to live – a global community of Oneness.

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If you would like to schedule a ThetaHealing session with Kathryn Grace, please call her on (+001) 541-210-1859.

Introductory offer until June 30th 2020
$60 – Half hour session
$111 – One hour session
Private sessions can be in-home or by phone.

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