Kathryn Grace

Kathryn Grace - ThetaHealing Testimonials

Kathryn's ThetaHealing sessions are deeply healing, clearing away heavy energies and subconscious blocks. I feel held and loved in her delightful presence.
Business owner and entrepreneur
I was fortunate to have several ThetaHealing sessions with Kathryn. Every session I had was incredibly insightful. Kathryn has the capacity and the talent to guide you through a profound and meaningful journey of spiritual discovery and healing. Kathryn's great intuition is a significant component of her healing gift. She is a wise, generous and delightful soul.
Business owner
We met Kathryn through Unity Centre in Nanaimo, BC and she introduced us to ThetaHealing. I attended the first session myself and found it had such a huge impact on me that I urged my husband to go see her as well. Stephen had just started recovery and had many past wounds to let go of and Kathryn was able to help him significantly. We are both much more calm and centered. Positive changes keep happening too! He has made such huge strides with Kathryn and ThetaHealing that I decided to take the course myself! Kathryn is living in her highest Self and purpose and she is truly gifted.  We are blessed to have had her work on us.
We love you!
Paula & Stephen
Design Consultant and Cycling Coach
Kathryn Grace is an exceptional ThetaHealer. Her extensive metaphysical background lends a palpable mystical essence to every session she facilitates. Her devotion to the path of Christ Consciousness transmits powerful Light energies that are effectively consciousness expanding and deeply transformational. Every time I experience a session with Kathryn Grace, I am restored and renewed and I always experience a powerful shift.
Ascension Priestess

I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn when we met through mutual friends and I instantly knew we were soul family. What I didn't know at the time was how powerful of a gifted healer she is! After my first ThetaHealing session with her, I felt that this was the beginning of a huge shift and that her influence and guidance would ripple out into all areas of my life! She asked questions that helped me look at myself and my conditioned patterns of behavior with more unconditional love than ever before! Her guidance helped me remember my own power to simply re-program patterns and download new beliefs into my subconscious through accepting myself in order to love myself fully.

I would recommend her sessions to anyone who is ready to truly look within through the eyes of love and allow Creator Consciousness to shine light into even the darkest of places. Kathryn is a bright beacon who shines the light of truth into the lives of all those who are open and willing to be transformed by love!
Artist and photographer

My ThetaHealing session with Kathryn gave me new tools to reset and "activate" myself. ThetaHealing enabled me to better access my higher aspects and integrate them into my daily life. In the fifteen plus years I have been doing energy work, I have not experienced such a rapid access to those Higher realms.

I carry with me a new light and ability to shine. Thank you, Kathryn, for helping me to grow!
Public Speaker
Kathryn offered loving support and gentle guidance to my cat at a time of significant challenges. She was able to bring clarity, understanding, resolution and healing to our family. She's very intuitive, patient, and a fantastic resource to have on our wellness journey.  I'm so grateful for her in our lives. (meow, meow)
Chiropractic Assistant
Kathryn is a wise, kind soul who leads you through the ThetaHealing process in a cooperative, engaging way. She called me forward in a gentle, honoring way to help coax my patterns, questions and unresolved pieces to the surface for cleansing and releasing. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Kathryn and look forward to co-creating together in the future. With Kathryn, whether you're looking for assistance for yourself or a loved one (child or pet), you are in caring hands of someone who is cheering you on to your Highest good/alignment.
Co-owner Lifehouse Healing Center
Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant

I have known Kathryn for a little over a year. We met at Unity Spiritual Centre and I was very interested in doing ThetaHealing with her. We did many sessions and she was very patient and gentle with me. I have a great respect for her ThetaHealing and she helped me to heal a lot of my feelings of judgment, resentments and rejections. Working with Kathryn has led me to want more knowledge about ThetaHealing. So I have just finished a 3 day DNA-1 certified course and am looking forward to learning even more.

ThetaHealing has changed my life! I am calmer, totally satisfied with my life and excited about all that is still to come! Thank you ThetaHealing and Kathryn! 
Kathryn, love you so! I can't wait until we can reconnect again. You have changed me in such ways that I am beyond words grateful. Thank you for your essence, I will see you again someday soon. We will all miss you, and know that your magic in this world is a work of art. Blessings.
Kathryn, you are an amazing soul and you have rocked my heart and soul! For that, I am truly grateful! Peace and love!
Cycling Coach
Kathryn assisted me with ThetaHealing for several months. I was a full-time caregiver and at the time my husband was being put into long-term care for Alzheimer's. The ThetaHealing greatly assisted me through the entire process which was extremely challenging. The sessions were about releasing the stress around the guilt and fear of putting him into residential care. I found these sessions incredibly helpful and instrumental in helping me to know that I was doing the right thing for both of us. I highly recommend her for any stressful or challenging situation. She has a powerful ability to ascertain what the disempowering beliefs are and then to replace them with healthy ones that help you to live an empowered life!
Caregiver and entrepreneur
I had Kathryn do ThetaHealing on me several times. In the sessions I found it easy to release and change beliefs with her ThetaHealing guidance. I totally felt honored and safe to do so in her presence. Thank you so much!
ThetaHealing Practitioner
What an enlightening and confirming experience I had with Kathryn! I am so grateful and so much more aware. It is like a dream that is dreaming itself into existence. Finding and being a conduit for love, truth, beauty, healing and peace, is what Kathryn has guided me to experience in my life. When in alignment, one exists in these forms. And on the practical side of things – the physical realm – my house is getting clean and cleared, which is another amazing result of her ThetaHealing. I highly recommend Kathryn. If she shows up in your life, then I guess it's time! Thank you!
Art Dealer